Have you ever done something that seemed good at the time but then you later regretted it?

A few weeks ago I watched about 10 minutes of the movie “Jaws”. I
hadn’t ever seen it because my parents weren’t so keen on it, but as I
watched I thought, “wow, this movie isn’t so bad…it’s so hokey…what
a laugh”.

All seemed just fine until a week later. I was at my grandparents and
decided to do my training swim in the bay at a little beach nearby. I
was swimming in waist deep water parallel with the shore but the waves
were making it really tough. After catching a wave instead of a breath
I tried to stand up only to find my feet couldn’t touch the bottom!
A wave of panic welled up in me that was much bigger than the two foot
swells I had been battling and I madly struck for the shore, sure that
a huge man-eating shark was right on my tail! (let me explain that as a
young kid I was also afraid of a 20 lb. bass pulling me under in the
lake – something about me and deep water
don’t go together) Back in shallower water I tried to reason myself out
the grip of fear while I slowly forced my stomach out of my throat
before resuming my swim. My imagination remained highly active during
the rest of the swim and every 25 yards I would sneak my feet down to
the bottom just to make sure I wasn’t drifting out into the
“shark-infested” sea.

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