Life at a slower pace.

If you know anything about me you will know that the above phrase is not characteristic of me. Not everyone lives at my “drum beat” however so it’s good to get a taste of someone else’s world every once in a while. This week we stepped out of the normal pace of life and lived a beautiful day where nothing had to be accomplished.

Toddlers may seem quick when they’re headed for the street or getting into trouble, but if you’re just taking a walk they go slow enough for you take notice and appreciate many things along the way. Connor and I watched a truck come and gather brush trimmings from the roadside, stopped to watch the birds, found a neat stick, laughed at a squirrel, and finally found wonder in making it to the playground! How many adults do you know that can happily climb up and down the levels of a playground for half an hour and not even go down the slide? We also explored the beach. Connor wasn’t so sure about the water until I showed him how to splash – boy was that fun! Next we tried sandcastles; I made ‘em, Conner knocked ‘em down. We threw rocks at the waves, and walked around as he got slower and slower. Finally he fell asleep in my arms as I carried him home. What a morning.

This afternoon I learned to slow down and listen as my grandma tried to remember and tell stories from her school days. She went through a repertoire of ‘bus songs” and relived favorite playground games.

Tomorrow morning I will go “jogging’ with my grandpa. He used to be a marathon runner – now it will take us about 45 minutes to go two miles. Again, it’s not the exercise that’s the point but the fellowship (not that I wanted to get my heart rate up at 3:00am anyway). I look forward to our runs together because it gives us time to talk and solve world problems. That’s why I get up at such an unreal hour, I want to take part in someone else’s life and to do that I have to get out of my own.

*edit* anyone wanting to take part in my life can come watch my triathlon next Sunday, April 30th 9:00am at Lake Bryan. (or meet me at the finish line sometime after 10:00)

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