Okay, a few pics from CA – we’ve been having so much fun I’ve hardly had time to post!

We made a friend – sort of – on the wharf in Santa Cruz; every step we took towards him, he moved one away. I think he’s giving us the evil eye.

We also got to watch some sea lions; two were fighting and one pushed the other off of the dock – this one was the big daddy, no one would challenge him, he just sat there looking buff (like Brian )

Our two month anniversary was just yesterday and we celebrated by going to San Francisco and seeing the golden gate bridge!

We also saw Alcatraz! I’ll keep this place in mind for our one year anniversary – maybe a permanent stop for Brian.

One morning Brian and I hiked to the top of Mt. Hermon to watch the Sunrise.

And here is the little path that leads to our cabin – I think it looks like something out of Myst.

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