I wrote this last night and then found out the wireless access was out and couldn’t post until now – so here goes!

Our first Christmas – unlike any other.

Since all the family had to leave this morning and Kim had to drop a friend off at the bus stop at 6:15am, Brian and I decided to tag along and watch the sunrise at the beach in Santa Cruz. We made some bagel and egg sandwiches and ate them at the end of the wharf while watching the spectacular colors and listening to the cry of gulls and bark of sea lions. A very different Christmas morning experience for a couple of Texans.

Hiking along the
shoreline we watched some amateur surfers make some really good wipe
outs. We also got our feet (and pants) wet at a natural arch – trying
to get a good picture.

After four
hours of walking on the beach we were hungry and cold! Back at the
cabin we fixed some hot chocolate and relaxed and I ate a piece of
pumpkin pie. After that, we were really hungry; fortunately the past
few days of feasting with th family left the fridge well stocked and
saved us from famine on Christmas day. We had ate a good meal of
turkey, mashed potatoes and green beans, after which I ate another
piece of pumpkin pie.

content we headed off to help a lady install her printer (Brian finds
people in need everywhere he goes – and being full of the Christmas
spirit kindly lends a hand). We also grabbed another picture at my favorite bridge.

The job took a
little longer than expected and an hour later we were back at the cabin
and a little hungry. The leftovers needed to go so we willingly obliged
– though, being Christmas we took the liberty of eating exactly what we

*Amy finished last few pieces of pumpkin pie but not the crust because she doesn’t like the crust.
*Brian cleans out the salad bowl – hand to mouth.
*Brian, Kim and Amy ate all the pecans off of the pecan pie and threw the pie away.
*Brian and Amy peeled all the cheese and top noodle off of the vegetable lasagna and left the vegetables behind.
*Amy ate ice cream out of a five gallon bucket.
*Brian snacked on hershey’s “kissables” (must have been prepping for later)

All that taken
care of, dishes washed and returned to kitchen, we did a few things,
packed up our suitcases and Kim drove us to the airport.

We are now
both safely home in Dallas where it’s 1am and we’re both wide awake –
maybe because we just ate turkey sandwiches and hot chocolate because
we were hungry. Oh well, it’s still Christmas in CA so we’re still
celebrating; might as well enjoy it for all it’s worth!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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