Christmas Decorating!
First, of course, comes the lights. After a few minor adjustments, Brian has them all working!

Next comes hanging the lights! Brian lined the kitchen ceiling and I framed the door. We had about 1/3 of the strand left over after doing the door so Brian had the creative idea to brighten the welcome mat as well.

After the tree was assembled and lighted, we hung the decorations Stacie had made for me several Christmas’s ago. The coffee table got some out door decoration. It’s really nice, having a fake tree you don’t get that Christmas smell, but by cutting some greenery from the woods to decorate the problem was fixed!

Of course, the best is getting to decorate with mistletoe! That stuff is great when placed in strategic spots around the house. We just have to be careful when guests come over….

And finally a view of a Nativity set – we have three already! One I had, one we were given and the one Stacie made to hang on our tree. Good to have a constant reminder of why we have the Christmas spirit.

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