Last night it snowed! A little bit mind you, but really it wasn’t even December yet! Three hours North of Bryan makes a big difference in the weather.
In other news….Last night we had the Cahills over (Brian’s family).

I served the big lasagna (from the earlier post), a caesar salad, fruit salad and homemade sourdough bread. Note the new dishes – they came in just in the nick of time, otherwise we would have been eating on paper plates. I’m really thrilled to have them – now our kitchen is complete!
 We showed them the apartment, had dinner and visited around the table for a while then moved to the living room where the guys played Spades and I talked with Mom and Benj., learned a few new camera tricks from Benj., then beat him at Mancala.
  All in all it was a very fun evening and I had a blast hosting our first guests.
Coming soon…Christmas decorating!

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