This post is in memory of my dog, Starfire.
She has been sick for a while but seemed to be getting better and then
she got worse so dad had to put her down while I was in Romania. I had
prayed that she wouldn’t die while I was there but I guess God said no.
Due to her symptoms, the vet thought it was probably cancer. I had
noticed some weight loss when I was here on break last summer but it
has only been in the last two months that her health went downhill
fairly rapidly.
I miss having her on the porch to greet us. I went to swim my laps in
the pond yesterday and cried because she wasn’t there to have me throw
stick in between sets. This morning I didn’t have to tell her to stay
home when I went biking. I think I will miss her most when I’m running,
we have run hundreds of miles together. I have been running for about
four years and she’s been there at my side every time. I wish she could
have made it to the triathlon because it is sort of a culmination of
all my training. I miss her.

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