I know this isn’t the Romanian update you’re expecting but the time has
been a little rushed (not to mention last night I could hardly keep my
eyes open!) But we made it back to the States with very little trouble.
I watched Narnia on the plane We had a
wonderful reunion with everybody back here at the RCI. The Schraders
took us to Banana Boat (a wonderful ice cream place) that evening and I
got moose tracks – a flavor that hasn’t made it to the south yet.
Today I didn’t really sleep in although Stacie did. Mostly it was
because I had to get up and go to the doctors office. Remember that I
jammed my thumb playing volleyball? Well about 3/4 of my hand is
bruised on both sides and it was hurting a little so I thought I should
get it x-rayed. Everything is okay, they just put me in an ace bandage
and told me not to use it for a while (yeah right).
In less than an hour I’m headed further north to go visit some really
good friends. There’s a possibility of cross country skiing (which is
another reason I wanted to get my hand checked) and I’m sure there will
be some Starbucks and pizza involved (this is what we all craved coming
home). Mostly though I’m looking forward to the fellowship. Hopefully a
picture post will come once I’m there.

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