My opinion (for what it’s worth) on the Phantom is in the comments section of my last post.

When you were a kid, were you ever sent to bed when you weren’t sleepy?
You would talk or whisper with your siblings until your parent came to
shut things down again. Maybe, if you were really little, they would
sing or soothe you until you were quiet and still. Maybe, when you were
older, they would just sternly tell you to be quiet. But sleep would
not come, alertness persisted despite their efforts and as soon as your
parents were gone, the whispering and giggling would start again.
Excited minds battle the coming night as they refuse to succumb to the

Our church is getting sleepy, our pastor is preaching lullaby’s, each
Sunday we are tucked in. But our family cannot go to sleep! Each Sunday
stimulates lively discussions around the table and we stir each other
up until we are so excited we cannot lay around any longer! Action will
be taken, all will soon awake. I’m starting to see why God has us home now.

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