We sent off Lori this morning, I think that the weather knew. Lori has
prayed for warm weather on her break and it has been in the 70′s and
80′s the last two weeks. This morning however she got a little taste of
what she is headed into as the temperature dropped down to 27 degrees.

Lori and the others left for Houston while Stacie and I headed to work
with dad. We warmed ourselves up with some landscaping (dirt hauling)
then tackled the painting. I think that now, after at least a week of
working on it, we are almost done! We painted walls, trim, and doors
with 2-3 coats; I never realized just how many doors could be in one
little addition!

Right now I’m trying to hold two jobs while looking into a third and
working on school on lunch breaks, driving to and from work, evenings
and any free days I have. My degree has taken yet another turn, so
we’ll have to see how God works this one out; I’m just ready for it all
to be over!

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