We made it! Today Stacie and I are off our “diet”! And what better day
could it be than the day we are greeted with grits and cheese for
breakfast! Sorry, I get excited about grits. It’s been a month since we
ate any dairy, starch or carbohydrate (except for ice cream once a week
) The reason we started this
diet was sort of a group thing with the nutrition class (ah! peer
pressure!) and I just wanted to see exactly what it would do to my
body, being in a generally healthy state to begin with – praise God!

Well it totally sapped my energy for the first two weeks, then when I
started adding rice and oats things picked up a little and jogging
wasn’t so hard. My soccer game has suffered with the lowered energy so
I’m looking forward to gaining that back, and I feel like I’ve been in
my room more – though amount of schoolwork might have had more to do
with that.
On the up side I lost a few pounds, felt pretty good (though not
abounding with energy) and found some new foods and ways to eat them
that I would never have come up with outside of desperation    We’ll
give the comeback a few days to see what kind of difference there will
be, but for the mot part I’m glad to be back to normal!

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