This is an email that Stacie wrote about our Tuesday discussion group, I thought ya’ll might enjoy it.

Philosophical Musings

Dear fellow

To my intense
disgust, the apologist, John MacArthur, is allowing his most recent
book, Think Biblically! to
be used as college curricula in a private college! For this, there
can be no apology! He postulates that the antiquated, documents of a
primitive Palestinian tribe is sufficient for life and knowledge in
the 21 st century! His basis for this ludicrous belief is
founded in the “natural” and “special” revelation of the

Of course, he got it right when he quoted Descartes’ “Cogito,
ergo sum”
(I think, therefore I am) as being foundational in
our movement. It places human reasoning at the center, with all
other truths revolving around it. And, we must not forget that it
promoted Doubt as one of our highest intellectual values. At all
costs, solid truth must never be espoused.

Although the book recognizes our order, it has the audacity to doubt
the Doubters and make a stand for Truth! This must be dealt with
before these helpless students are brainwashed! Perhaps a friendly
letter to your nearest ACLU representative would be in order. We
have a noble cause worth fighting for: Doubt, without the suppression
of truth!

Keep up the good work,

N.O.T. Thinking (Therefore, I am not)

Next weeks Philosophical Musings issue includes my new poem, Ode to
Doubt. Don’t miss it.

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