Wow, soccer is a rough game! Maybe I should take up football :) According to a conversation today at lunch, touch football has a lot less injuries (except for Gideon). I wonder if I keep God busy?

I got to talk to several of the Voice students today at breakfast. I really liked it and wish that we didn’t have chapel while they ate, we’re missing some great oppertunities to reach out and see another culture. It was so fun to watch them come through the line and wonder what to do with the gravy, and on being told, try to file it with the other gravy they had had for their Thanksgiving meal. (hmmm, mashed potatoes and now biscuits – strange country) Grace and Dennis tried to convince Rowan and I that tofu was really good and Rowan tried to explain how blue cheese wasn’t bad for you.

I can’t wait to go ice skating with them tonight! Im so glad God is creative and makes people and cultures so different. What fun!

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