The last two days I witnessed once again the vast difference between boys and girls.

This morning it was Josiah Faas. He came in from running right as Stacie and I were about to go out. He had just done ten miles in 77 minutes; there’s no way I’m going to make it that fast.

This afternoon we tried playing boys against girls in soccer – just for fun. Well in good fun we got smeared. We managed to make one point (to their 10 bazillion) only after they quit leaving a goalie back there to guard. They even let us have a guy on our team “just to make it fair” :)

Of course sports/athletics are quite obvious when it comes to differences, but each one has a whole different mindset, as played out on the ice last night.

It was towards the end of our skating time and someone had the bright idea of scooping up the ice shavings and making snowballs. So skaters and snowballs alike were whizzing around the arena. I decided to make a snow man. Completing that, I made a snow woman and a snow child with the help of some other girls. (the tallest is about 1 foot) We were about to go get Rowan to take our picture when suddenly, out of nowhere, Mr. Krause comes flying in, slides across the ice in front of us and grabs our snow family! The kidnapper turned murderer as he proceeded to throw the balls at us and others around the rink!

We all indignantly gather up some ice shavings and staunchly defended family values. We then restored the home front and raised up a new family (though not so grand as the first). This time we succeeded in capturing the domestic scene on film, but just as we were posing for the second picture…WHOOSH! Mr. Krause comes hurtling through the scene again, slicing through the unsuspecting family with his blades and skated off laughing! I don’t think I need to draw the obvious conclusion on the matter of difference.

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