Today I switched vans. Wait; is that the most interesting thing I can talk about? I guess it’s the closest thing on my memory besides supper and because we went to bed at 2 this morning and got up at 6:30 to tour D.C. I can only think of the most recent history. What’s really funny is that we’re here at Jeanne’s house and there are at least 8 laptops going. We are all in the same house, even narrowed down to two rooms and we’re talking to each other via our computers.

Anyhow, the vans. I switched because I felt really bad about riding in the van with the A/C while the others had to sweat it out in the other car. So I let someone have my space. My sacrifice wasn’t as great as I thought it would be because God decided to send cool weather and the car was as cool as if it really did have a working A/C. I love God.

I liked meeting Jonathan Boulden’s family and J.P.’s family; it’s always so amazing and fun to see family resemblance. Of course making breakfast with one of the little brothers gives conversation a good chance.

Lot’s of fun and interesting stuff happened on this trip, I hope we’ll be able to make some sort of report to the rest of the class. If not I’ll post some excerpts of an email I’m writing. Well this is kind of boring but my brain is fogging and I’ve had too many cookies. Goodnight all.

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