Wow has it been a while since an update. Well, maybe not too long, but a lot has happened in between times. First we got to see the beautiful countryside of Pennsylvania as a few of us explored the woods around Jeanne’s house. We got to watch a muskrat for a while and pick wild black raspberries.

Next was the seminar and boy was that ever good. I think the best thing I got out of it was not just a lot of knowledge to refute evolutionists, but a realization of how crucial Genesis is to the rest of the Bible.

There was an adventure one evening when Stacie, Mrs. Schrader and I decided to climb the mountain behind the dorms (okay so maybe it’s a big hill, but it seems like a mountain to a flat lander like me) anyhow one place was a little steep and Mrs. Schrader slipped and cut her hand. It bled a lot but she was very brave as we helped her back to the dorms where I got her cleaned up and bandaged. God helped us all keep our heads, and in His mercy let the cut not need stitches.

Now we’re in D.C. (or actually at Jonathan Boulden’s house). We got into the city around nine that evening, ate, then went to see some of the night life :) We were mostly it. We made it to the Washington monument around eleven, took lots of pictures (I got some great silhouettes) and some of our group played in the sprinklers.

Well now it’s two and we are supposed to be up again in a few hours to hit D.C. and the Smithsonians. Pray for Mr. Schrader and Cameron; they’re very tired and still have a lot of driving ahead of them.

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