I could die because life is so good! I know that seems incongruous but that’s how I feel. If I died right now I would be satisfied that my ministry as I know it was complete. I wouldn’t feel like I had wasted any effort by having done some school and not ever getting to “use” it. All that I’m doing right now, if I were to suddenly go, I wouldn’t feel like my life was wasted. God has been good and I feel humbled to have been used in such a way as I have seen. If I went now, I would have no reserves, no regrets.

Also as I was doing some thinking on things I had learned this last month, something clicked and I saw heaven in a whole different light. Jesus is eagerly awaiting our arrival and I caught that eagerness with a great longing to be there, just to be with Jesus. I got a small glimpse of what it might be like.

This is the first time I have been ready to die and not just as an escape means. I know I’m young and my life is full of potential, but I’ve caught a whiff of something better.

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