Why am I posting at such an hour? I’m taking advantage of the wireless connection that I have taken for granted. This will be my last opportunity to use such a connection for a while. Later on this morning – hopefully after I’ve slept a bit – I will be headed back to the land I love.

My first stop however will not be my home, but another training center. I’ll be working in Big Sandy for a month officially as STEP photographer, but also as a jack of all trades, filling in where I might be needed – from cleaning, to rappelling, to PT, or just being a friend (my favorite part).

I want to say goodbye to all of the 05 class, and see you in August to all the 06. This has been a wonderful year and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. Thank you Micah for working with my brother, he really enjoyed it. Thanks to all who accommodated to let my other siblings help out around the place and thanks to those who were friendly and talked to them and my parents. My family had a good time here and really enjoyed getting to meet everyone and see what it was like to be here.

May the Lord bless each one of you with a purpose and calling. May He grant opportunities of ministry this summer, and may your hearts and minds be molded for usefulness to Him.

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