Home is good :) A nice side benefit is xanga accessible internet, hence the post. I’m just back for the weekend, a quick visit before I have to go back to Big Sandy and finish the last two weeks of STEP. Things just worked out where my responsibilities could be covered and I could get a ride home and I wanted to see everyone so much – so I came!

STEP has been very good so far, much to learn, much to give. I was able to share my ice cream stories, take pictures, add a little enthusiasm wherever I showed up, and instruct a few classes like river crossing. God has really been working with me here, giving me a special rhema and promise. I had been a little off course but slowly things are coming back together, God is great and His mercies are everlasting.

Coming home yesterday I was able to see my little nephew! He is so cute and responsive, smiling and making little noises. He really lights up when his daddy comes home and my little sister Katie can always get him to laugh. We had homemade pizza for dinner and then played badminton until dark. Brian and I got up this morning and played street hockey of sorts on our driveway. I think we’re going to swim this afternoon and Granny is coming over for supper. Everyone has been so nice, deferring everything to me; they treat me like a special guest (I should go away and come back more often :). All I want to do is just be here and enjoy being with them. With that said, I’d better get off the computer and go do just that. I love family.

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