What a great night! It was like the years highlights in review and a chance to show what Verity had taught us. Thanks to my group for their work and James on the piano, ya’ll were awesome! I was also impressed with Josh and Ryan and the songs they put together, it is beyond me how they can come up with music like that – I have to plagiarize from Gilbert and Sullivan :) Oh, and Arlen too, he comes up with words and music!

During the wills I became really excited and started thinking about what I could will next year and tried to think of who would get the stuff only to realize with a start that I didn’t even know any of the new class! Hats off to the ’05 who made us feel like one of the group, I challenge myself and the rest of the ’06 class to do the same this coming Sept.

Even after all the activities tonight, we still have quite the weekend ahead of us, may we continue on in the power of His might.



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