Oh wow! It’s sooo good to see my family again! Our excitement must have affected our memories though because we forgot our sleeping bags and passports, necessitating a stop back in Flint on our way to Canada – hence the opportunity to post J

We spent all day at sleeping bear dunes, hiking over the sand, skipping stones in lake Michigan, viewing the beauty of spring, and coming upon the tail end of the “Second Annual Asparagus festival” of Empire MI! Talk about enjoying times of laughter together.

Late in the afternoon we made it to the overlook where the dune drops 450 feet down to the water. Dad gave some of us permission to go down if we felt like it so five of us took off down the slope. The trip down was very easy and we spent a little time looking for the “perfect rock” before heading back up. The signs at the top weren’t kidding about the hard climb, every step you took slid back half way in the lose sand and the grade was so steep you could almost crawl upright.

As we climbed I started seeing some parallels to the Christian walk. The first was finding that if I followed my brother and stepped in his footprints, then the sand was already packed a little and I didn’t slide backwards as much. Next was finding out the truth of the verse “they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.” A lot of times I like to keep going even when I’m tired, thinking it a shame to have to stop and rest, but if I just took the time to stop with the others it was amazing how much better I could go on than if I had kept pushing. Lastly I noticed that as we got towards the top there were a lot of stones mixed in with the sand, but as the way became rocky, the climbing got easier because the rocks helped hold the sand better and kept you from slipping back.

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