Today I was cleaning out our fridge and found a piece of chocolate cake in the freezer. I tried a little to see if it was any good (frozen cake is a lot like ice cream you know) but it was awful, all dried out and yuck. I then tried the icing just by itself to see if it was still alright, but it wasn’t all that great either so I threw it all away.

Tonight I get down to dinner, load up my tray and sit down. I was thanking God for the great meal and the special treat of cake when suddenly, the thought struck me, that this wasn’t the only time I had seen chocolate cake today.

As I continued that line of reasoning, I thought about how I had had something that looked good but really wasn’t and so I put it away from me. Now God had given me something ten times better!

All of this had passed through my head in the course of my prayer and with a surge o love and gratefulness I blessed the Lord for this unexpected gift. Hardly had I done that, when my brain shifted into application mode. I have this thing I am holding onto, I won’t let it go, but God has been trying to show me that it’s not as great as I’m making it out to be. He may have something much better waiting for me but I have to put away what seems good in order to have what is good.

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