Seems that getting older is bad on the memory, or maybe things just slip your mind easier. Last night I was sitting on the floor typing and Stacie was talking on the phone. Seems that whatever she had to say was something I couldn’t hear so I scooped up the laptop and went out into the hall letting the door shut behind me – oops. Now I’m locked out, not a big deal, I’ll just wait until Stace is done then she’ll let me in. Then I realize that I’m in pants, oh boy, then to top it off I look on the clock on the computer and notice that it’s past curfew too. (Lawren better not be reading this). Well if I was going to get busted, I just had to go the whole nine yards :) Fortunately no one saw my predicament except Allie, who was trying to get Teresa to stop singing. And the moral is….oh well, I forgot. :)

Pray for all the Com. students who are testing at this very moment, and all the music students who are also starting their final exam right now. Pray that their “young minds” will not be forgetful but will be able to concentrate and put forth all that was put in.

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