It’s late, but it’s finally cooling down in our room. It really reminds me of summer nights back home in Texas; you lay spread out on top of your covers, whatever part of you is unlucky enough to touch anything is sweating. Fortunately there is no humidity here so evaporation can take place that helps a bit – I keep having to get up for water though.

The laptop is probably contributing to the thermodynamics of the situation, but I have managed to catch up on all my emails, so that’s been a blessing.

I did get to sleep in until nine this morning! That probably explains the lack of sleep now, is this college life? Why do people like to stay up this late? Maybe they don’t get up at five.

It has been very quiet and given me time to think over some lessons that God has been trying to get through to me. Why do we hold on to lies? Why is it so hard to give up? Why can we go for a little while and then relapse? Why do I learn so slowly?

Forgive me, it’s late – hmm, I already said that – here’s to three hours sleep!

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