Two glasses of water, 20 xanga sites and 1 email later I’m back. I’m hungry now but I guess it’s still to early to venture down stairs, besides, I’ve had leftovers twice already today.

Speaking of twice, my battery is about to go for the second time tonight, that’s sad, it’s a three hour battery, plus charge time.

 I really hate the feeling you get when you wake up after jut a few hours sleep. Is it really worth going to sleep?  I think I’ll have to, my body is starting to crash.

My spirit is not though, another piece of info on my current struggle has come up. How do I know what to do? It’s clear in some areas, it will affect other people, there isn’t a clear directive in scripture. What do I do?

Well, here’s to 2 hours sleep. I think I see caffine in the near future.

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