Ice cream continued….

Guess what I found in our freezer today? My ice cream! :o Seems that when R.J. got it, he had stacked two cups together to better insulate it from melting, so the empty cup I found was just the outside one. Boy do I feel sheepish now, praise God for stopping me from saying anything. Is this ever a lesson to “lean not on your own understanding” and to acknowledge His directions.

So now I am eating my ice cream, I have looked forward to it all day. I would be sitting there studying, ready to throw out the books when I would remember what was in the freezer and so buckle down with a delicious little shiver of anticipation. Now is the time, my sister is asleep and I’m up typing and enjoying God’s gift to me.

Its funny how He had me give it up and then He gave it back, talk about birth, death, and rebirth of a vision. My God is so kind and loving to me, sending little things my way that let me know He loves me. I gave up an “idol” last week that was stealing my love and barely had time to feel the void before God stepped in to fill it, He has done more than His part in an effort to woo me back to Him – He even gives me chocolate :) He says to me, Am I not better than what you had? Oh yes, He is my joy, He is my song – Jesus, lover of my soul.

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