Most of you know how important ice cream is to me, I consider it a staple in my diet. Anyhow,  a really nice person brought me a blizzard from DQ, it was the triple intense chocolate something or another and it was sooo good! I had some and then practicing great self restraint I put the rest back in our freezer to eat after supper, that way I could make it last a little longer.

I had let one of my sisters have some and I knew the other one would have a little too, but there was still half of it left so I figured all was well. I was really looking forward to enjoying this rare treat, when I came into our room this afternoon to find an empty cup sitting on our counter! I was dumbfounded!

My sister (whom I will leave anonymous) ate all of my ice cream! I was upset and wanted to gripe her out saying I never ate her cookies, what gave her the right to eat my ice cream. But God checked my spirit, and held me silent. What was a little ice cream compared to our relationship? *sigh*

So she remains in blissful ignorance and I learn a lesson in values and love. What is filling me with joy, what am I setting my affections on? I love you Lord, I’ll do anything you want, what’s mine is yours and you may use it in what ever way you see best.

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