Praise God what a beautiful day!!! Sun was shining, sky was blue, and I was outdoors enjoying it – I even got a little bit of a sunburn :) The kitchen girls, Taylor, my sisters and I went to Kim’s grandmother’s house to go sledding. Everything was so perfect; it was just a day to be outside! Her grandmother has a place out in the country that is like a story book – big farm house, wood burning stoves, two story out buildings (something of note to a Texan) and 40 acres of hills and frozen lakes. I sure do miss my home in the country; I had sort of forgotten what it was like to be out in the quiet stillness, wide open sky and freedom from scrutiny.

Snow activities are endless; sledding of course was our first priority and the activity we spent the most time on. However, the snow was good for packing and rolling so we made a snowman, or actually, two of them because we rolled two of the balls too big to lift so we used them both as a base. We also made a whole string of figures frozen in action by falling into the snow in different positions and leaving an imprint. Even just walking through the deep snow was enough to amaze and delight us.

For three glorious hours we played to our hearts content, exhausting ourselves with activity and pure delight. Just to be out and forget all that happened during the week. To put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness, what a blessed gift given by the Lord.

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