Wow, God surely has an interesting sense of timing, I could hardly believe the chapel topic this morning, I had nothing to do with that. I must say that Mr Pierpont did a supurb job, that’s how I would have liked my speech to come across – not prideful or condemning, but shared out of love. If only I wasn’t so worried about getting everything said in time and getting my point across, I will continue to work on it.

Also know that just because I have this particular view on marriage or life doesn’t mean I have it easy. It’s hard to trust God, I would rather plan it all out for myself; He only gives enough light for me to take the next step. sometimes the step seems to go in the wrong direction, and sometimes it I want to just stand still in my little spot of light because then I can feel confident in myself. But to stand still is to not move forward and to know everything in advance would keep me from having to seek my Father daily.

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