I love Valentines day! It’s so full of surprises and it’s a great excuse to make an extra show of God’s love.

My dad is so wonderful! We got a call from the front desk saying something was there from us. We arrived to find three yellow roses (it’s a Texas thing).

Several times throughout the day we would find something outside our door – always in pairs of three – thought, can you have pairs of three? Oh well, my brain doesn’t care to dwell on math related subjects.

My 15 year old brother sent the sweetest note, it made me cry.  I love that boy so much! He is a rare jewel of a brother, he loves to tease at me, he’s a manly gentleman and has a very pure character. He’s a blessing to know.

Wearing pink and white was fun. My sisters and I dressed up and took pictures to send out to family and friends as our valentine to them.

God has been working on me to show unconditional love to those around me. So often I am selfish with my time and attention – saluting my brethren only, and overlooking those I haven’t taken the time know. I have been put to shame as those I have hung back from extend their friendship to me. God bless you, I love you my brothers and sisters.

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