Something rather interesting and amusing happened to me today. I went with Alex to the grocery store and when we were making our purchase the guy checking us out complimented me on how nice my smile was. I thanked him and he made some comment about hoping my “boy friend” got the same smile on valentines. I informed him that I didn’t have a boy friend and he asked me why not. I replied that I was waiting for the “right one”, to which he practically said look no further, you got it right here (indicating himself) I deftly deflected the pursuit towards my dad at which the guy was quiet for a minute as he sacked up our groceries. He then asked if my dad was a mean, tough sort of fellow and I said “not really, but he’s rather protective about me.” He didn’t say to much after that, he didn’t even ask for a phone number (which I would have gladly given – my dad’s number that is)

I fell into a short lapse of thinking about why I was smiling in the first place and suddenly realized that this was a good opportunity to witness. So I told him that I really was smiling because someone loved me and when he said “oh really?” I said that it was because God loved me. By that time we were finished checking out and we left, I felt like I had done a lame job at witnessing, boy do I wish I could have been quicker on my feet at turning that conversation towards the gospel. I should have been ready with an answer, I’ve had opportunity to work on it, this kind of thing has happened to me two other times. I guess I need a better pick up line than they have.

Oh Lord, please use my verbal fumblings start a work in this young man, I was insufficient but You are all-sufficient. Thank you for the witness of a smile.

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