The other morning I was getting ready for work and thinking how it would really be nice if I could just stay home and get a few things done. I started to ask the Lord if He could work something out but stopped, it was twenty minutes until we would leave and I had said that I would be there, I couldn’t beg off now – nothing could be done. Not two minutes later, just as I was finishing, my sister came in and said that dad had already left, she had called him and he said that he didn’t need us that morning. Wow, God did it even though I thought it was useless to ask – O ye of little faith.

About a month ago, when we first started working with dad, I got something in my eye; probably a little piece of sheetrock or sawdust or something. It didn’t bother me during the day because I had contacts, but at night every time I would start to fall asleep and my eyes would roll back it would hurt and wake me back up. I tried many different tactics to rid myself of this nuisance but nothing worked, it only hurt worse. This went on for almost a week until I finally turned to God and told Him that I really needed Him to get that thing out of my eye. I needed some good rest and I was afraid of my eye being permanently damaged. That night when I went to sleep it was gone! Not a week later I had the same problem but in the other eye. This time it only took me three days to ask the Lord to remove the problem and He did.

Everything has gone well until just a few days ago when it happened again. Having already forgotten His goodness and care for His children, I endured a night hoping it would go away. We suffer so needlessly, if only we would ask. The next night as I took out my contacts I again became aware of the speck in my eye, only this time I asked the Lord to clear it away. I finished getting ready, read a few chapters of The Prince and the Pauper, a chapter of Matthew and then lay down to sleep, and you know what? My eye was fine, the speck was gone!

The Lord loves His children and will give them good things, we must learn to ask.

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