Do you like the new picture? This face greets me every time I step out the door. I have a dog, loyal as all get out and as worthy a companion as I could ever ask for.

Always eager to see me I have seen her drop the game she’s playing with neighbor kids and come running as she hears our car coming up the road.

Early every morning she jumps up from her warm bed to accompany me on a several mile jog.

Her attitudes change to suit mine; always happy and ready for a game, she will just as soon calm it down and sit quietly if I’m sad or depressed.

She defers to me and quickly obeys any command, attentive not only to my voice but also to my hand and body language.

Respectful of my authority she will not violate my space without permission and is ready to meet me on whatever level I am on; once as I lay on the porch after a set of crunches my dog got down on her belly and scooted up to me and started licking my face while I reached up to rub her ears.

One of her greatest traits is her devotion to her calling – retrieving. She is never without a tennis ball, stick, or some item to be thrown and brought back. Again and again she will run at top speed to recapture what you have released, going until she can hardly walk – she gives definition to the word “doggedly.” She gives her all – she challenges me to do the same.

And we desire that every one of you do show the same diligence to the full assurance of hope unto the end. Heb. 6:11

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