This post is about my brothers and what a wonderful blessing they are. I love “my guys” and thank God for them. I would like to turn the spotlight on a few recent happenings that really drove home God’s working through them. I’ll start with my older brother, Michael.

One night at soccer some young man tried slipping his arm around my shoulders, I was too slow to see it coming and because it was done in the context of a joke, I didn’t quite realize what had happened until too late. Fortunately my older brother was standing right there and I quickly took refuge behind him to hide my confusion and uncertainty on how to react. Ever since then my brother has been very protective, coming up when I talk to any of the guys at soccer and asking what I was talking about. I think his new role as a dad has really turned something on inside of him.

Christmas day, I had a wonderful time playing with my three younger brothers on our trampoline. The weather was beautiful and we played a crazy sort of hockey with two foot long plastic hockey sticks the boys got for Christmas. To watch them haggle out the rules and decide who had to get the ball each time it was hit off of the trampoline, was entertainment in itself. I was just happy to spend the time with them and see their personalities all over again.

We got a new computer game for Christmas and it’s the kind where you go through it and solve the bigger mystery by working at smaller puzzles until they all come together as a whole. We three sisters were going to split up with the three boys to play in teams and I expected us to split in the usual way, putting David and I together. Instead he teamed with Stacie and I was partnered with Timothy, the youngest. I think God knew just what I needed, I didn’t know Tim as well as my other brothers and getting to work with him and talk with him has been a special experience. He thinks on a whole different track than the rest of our family and I’ve lost patience with him several times but God is working on me as well as him. Through our conversations I’ve been able to get an honest glimpse of the workings inside an 11 year old boy. I tell you, faith does run deep and true in the heart of a child. Praise God.

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