The unbelievable has happened. The unbelievable for Amy Jones that is: I have a new identity.

Everything happened rather fast, less than a week really. The Lord first spoke to me just last Monday and on Saturday morning I obtained permission from my dad then followed through that afternoon. I am now someone else: I am a bond slave.

Now to explain myself, I pierced my ears. Now I know that doesn’t seem very drastic to some of you but ya’ll have only seen a small side of me there at Verity. This has been a move that I’ve always brushed away as something I didn’t care for and saw as a worthless trouble. Besides, it didn’t fit my image of myself.

During break I asked a woman from our church to disciple me in the area of prayer and one thing she had me do was read through a book on brokenness and then another on surrender. Through the later book I came to realize that I was still holding back from God. I had an image of myself, an image of toughness and masculinity, that I worked very hard to maintain and in rejecting God’s design I was living in rebellion to Him. When God first whispered to me the idea of piercing my ears my whole being resisted and thought, “oh I couldn’t do that, everyone would think I had gone girly!” I tried coming up with other ideas, like going out to the barn and literally driving an awl through my ear, but all of the ideas were Ishmaels compared to God’s Isaac. They would have been done my way, in my strength, and would have still upheld my “ideal.”

So the sum total of all of this is: I have surrendered to the Lord and the ears are my daily reminder that I am His bond slave, ready and willing to do what He asks. I must obey, because that is what is expected from a slave, I have no other choice. Behold Lord, Your handmaiden, be it unto me according as You will.

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