Boy I have an exciting post this time! It’s about a wonderful event that happened not too long ago in the Jones family. I really meant to post this right when it happened, but due to averaging ten hours a day working with my dad and preparing for my English comp test, all “non-essential” activities had to be put off for a while. I do have a praise report concerning the aforementioned activities, my sisters and I have taken the test and are awaiting our scores. We feel fairly confident, being blessed with an essay topic similar to one we had written in practice. I have also made it to the halfway point in working for my dad and earning our next tuition payment, praise the Lord for the abundance that He has provided after “lean” times this summer!

Now for the extra special blessing. At 11:17 Dec. 10 th , I became an aunt! Connor Andrew greeted the world and his parents – my older brother Michael and his wife Lindsey – with a yell of praise to His maker. Everything went perfect, he was a week early (a blessing to the mother), no complications, he was delivered naturally (another blessing to the mother) a healthy, perfect, baby boy. It struck me how blessed we were to have a problem free birth when so many others don’t; we were no deserving than the next person. This could only add to our joy and thanksgiving.

Another thing that was wonderful to behold, was the emotion that came with the event. Now, you have to understand that we Jones’ aren’t really emotional folks, it takes quite an event to cause tears to come to our eyes. Well, Dad and I were covering my brother’s FedEx route while he was at the hospital waiting for his son. When we got “the call,” tears of joy welled up in my dad’s eyes, he was overcome with the very idea of having his first grandchild. Later that evening as we visited my brother and sister-in-law in the hospital they were telling me how Lindsey and her mother were both crying in the delivery room and Michael said that he was supposed to be counting out loud for Lindsey but when he saw Connor’s head crown, he choked up and couldn’t say anything else. Watching him relive the emotion of the fact that he had had part in a new person, caused something to well up in me and I too cried, the wonder and awe of a new life was too great to keep inside.

My dad and I later discussed all these things and he said that we should feel the same wonder and joy whenever we are blessed with a part in bringing a new soul into heaven. As we rejoiced in a new member in the family, how much more the angels in heaven as a new Christian is born again. Connor is now a part of our family, something he can never change. He has an identity that he can never lose and relations that may have little in common with him except for the fact that they can all trace back to a common father.

Draw your own analogies, my brother is here and I’m going to go hold my nephew!


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