The angels announced Christ’s birth and then broke into singing, worshiping the Lord incarnate. The shepherds too, praised God for all the things that they had heard and seen.

This last week I have had many opportunities to prepare my heart for the celebration of Jesus’ birth. Immediately upon our arrival home we were assimilated into several choirs. First we were recruited to fill out the alto ranks in a homeschool youth choir led by Mrs. Lassiter (of Sound Foundation fame). Our initial debut was at the George Bush Presidential library where we sang under gently falling soap bubbles (the closest we’ll get to snow this year). The next night we sang for the opening night of “Christmas in the Park,” where the city council turns on the Christmas lights in our central park. We are still booked to sing at a church, another time in the park and finally for all of the parents. I’m grateful to Mrs. Lassiter for bringing about the chance to proclaim abroad the miracle of Jesus’ birth, just like the shepherds.

After practice on Wednesday, and performances on Thursday and Friday, we were really warmed up for our church choir. We had a rehearsal Saturday morning then sang our Christmas program Sunday night. Several new people showed up and we praised God for the chance to proclaim the gospel to them.

One of the songs had some really neat words that really spoke to me. It asked “…what should we offer to God? Burnt sacrifice? Treasure? What is worthy to lay at His feet?” He doesn’t want any of those things, but “a heart full of love for His people.” This is my prayer while I am here at home, and later when I go back to college, that I will have a heart so full of God’s love that I can’t help but let it overflow to those around me. To give to others the same sacrificial love that He has given to me. He that loveth not, knoweth not God.

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