From the very start I want to say that the purpose of this site is to testify the great acts of God and the wonderfully real way that He works in my life.

  Upon being introduced to this whole web ring by a “chili pepper girl” I became desirous of having one of my own sites. I debated back and forth as to whether or not it would be a wise use of my time. I also wondered what my goal was in having this site as I have often tended to create too much focus on myself and what I’m doing. As I was praying about starting a site, an idea suddenly popped into my head that must have come from the Lord, . This idea united my current prayer with another prayer I’ve had since I arrived home.

  You see, on the plane trip from Michigan to Texas I had some time to think and reflect on the last several months. In doing so I realized that I had lost the vision that had caused me to enter college in the first place. I had choices to make and lacked a guideline to base them on. (I’m not talking about choosing between good and evil but what should I participate in, what should I skip, what should I take up, what should I drop) I talked to my parents and asked them to pray with me for a renewal of purpose. I prayed and sat back to wait for some incredible commitment to be required of me. Instead God came in His still and quiet way reminding me of my earlier decision to adhere to Acts 20:24 and to testify His gospel – one of those concepts that are so easy yet so hard. In this reminder I found the challenge and purpose I needed while also experiencing the settling of my spirit from it’s previous state of anxiety.

   All this to say, God said I could have this site if I used it to further His gospel and bring to remembrance His works. Knowing my tendancy to focus on MY doings and not God’s I ask you as my readers to keep me acountable in my content. If I fail to keep under the guidelines of Phillipians 4:8 or lapse into my own glory, please comment and get me back on track. Please pray that I would honor Christ and acknowledge Him in all of my ways.

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