Some people count their chickens before they hatch; well today I was counting my problems before they happened. I was at the job site with dad and had been trying to install a plug outlet for over an hour. Problem after problem came up and I was getting frustrated, I mean, I didn’t even want to do electrical, but I had finished all the other jobs that dad had ready for me. And now this silly plug wouldn’t work.

This wasn’t all, outside it was raining and the temperature was starting to drop. This probably meant there would be no soccer tonight. Due to different circumstances I hadn’t been able to play for over three weeks now (rain, Thanksgiving, ect.). Plus Thursday night (our other soccer night) was booked with a choir performance, which would put it at a whole month! Life is tough.

As I was thinking all of this to myself I realized what a grouch I was being and all because I was benched on one perspective. There is the verse that says “in everything give thanks for this is the will of God” oftentimes this means looking at what happens from a different angle. I started with the job, what a blessing to be able to work with my dad and help out with the college payments at the same time. The commute to the job was an hour, just enough time to write a practice essay for my upcoming English Comp test or study some of the practice questions. Looking down at my newly installed plug I was very thankful for the days I had plumbing jobs or got to tear down walls. I was also grateful for my sisters who liked the electrical better and worked on it almost every day.

Once my attitude changed, things started looking up. Instead of being impatient when the customer showed up right before we were going to leave I was happy for the extra study opportunity. Then as we headed out and dad called home we found out that soccer was still on for that night. When we got home my little brother asked how my day went and I said “great!” then suddenly realized that it was. Obeying God’s command to be thankful totally turned things around, praise Him! Then to top it all off, and maybe just to show me that He loved me, I found that a package had arrived that afternoon. We had accidentally left our cleats in Michigan and had asked someone to mail them to us and here they were. God knew just when we would need them, His timing is perfect.

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