Old Year – New year

Brian and I had our own party on New Year’s Eve. We started out with the Jones tradition of having fondue for supper. Why do we have this tradition? I’ll tell you….I don’t know.

After a great dinner we cleaned up the dishes and cracked pecans for a while and just talked.

To end our evening we had ice cream, chocolate and a good game of Tennessee for Two – where Brian soundly beat Amy (maybe the ice cream distracted her). We then went to bed at a decent hour.

The next day we got up early and went for a run. I made a hearty breakfast – biscuits and gravy, then we looked up a few things on the internet and decided to hit the town while crowds and traffic was at a minimum.
Brian checked out a few computer stores while I hit WalMart to start a baby registry. Brian joined me and started looking at bikes (his finally bit the dust).
 Next stop: Babies R Us!
We got to take advantage of special parking and  try out the rocking chairs. It was really nice to see several of the bigger items in person so we could make better judgments on what we needed.
  Then, of course, came the fun of scanning things – so many choices, so few decisions.  It was also handy having Brian around to try on the baby backpacks – they sure have come a long way since the one my parents had! It’s amazing to see all the “stuff” you can get for your kid!
 The store offers some freebie classes every month and one sounded especially intriguing; a baby and Mommy exercise class. You use your baby as a weight while you exercise, singing nursery rhymes and stuff instead of workout music. It sounded really sweet and a good way to bond with your child while saving you money of getting a baby sitter while you go to the gym.

  Looking at all that stuff really worked up the appetite (at least Brian thought so ) so we found a FreeBirds and stopped for lunch. In getting there, we made a U-turn where we didn’t know we shouldn’t have, right in front of a Police man and got pulled over. God was gracious however and he only gave us a warning (Brian said it was probably because I was in the car with him ) Anyhow, lunch tasted a whole lot better when it didn’t cost over 100 dollars and we finished out the day with thankful hearts and tired bodies (Brian hasn’t done this much shopping in a long time ).

P.S. – You can check out our regisries here:
          Babies R Us

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