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Last night, almost ten, just after we had settled down for the night: Amy: Hey Brian, guess what? Brian: What? Amy: I really feel like eating some Macaroni and cheese right now. Brian: Do we have any in the house? Amy: No …silence… Amy: Don’t worry, you don’t have to go get any, that’s just […]


No word on the job yet (trying to be patient ) so I will entertain you with some random happenings: Last night we had just dropped off into a peaceful sleep when Jimin y Cricket decided to wish upon a star – right next to the bed. I flipped on the light  and we spotted […]


Well, a monsoon hit San Antonio yesterday to welcome us to the big city. I felt like Noah, only my ark wasn’t as big and I was afraid of drowning out the car as I drove the flooded streets. Only prayer and God’s grace kept things afloat and safe n the congested traffic. It took […]


Brian has a big interview in San Antonio tomorrow at 1:00pm – please pray for him.

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