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Guess it’s been a while since I updated Today though, something really great happened for Brian – He was promoted to First Lt.! They did promotions at lunchtime and he was called forward. After naming his new rank and the orders to go with it, I was called up to pin his new bars on […]


Well, they tell me that being sick is a good sign – along with this: So yeah, I’m 8 1/2 weeks along now. We call it “tadpole” in memory of Brian’s days as a frog (before I kissed him and turned him into a prince).


I felt sick today. 


A bad day is only one cookie away from being a good day.


Last night I got to hang out with these two guys: I was pretty pumped about the whole deal – I got to play for two hours! Kids my age don’t get that opportunity very often. Ryan showed off his bike skills (and big grin)               While Christopher let me see his cat, Lacy.   We […]

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