Christmas morning breakout!

Following a time honored tradition, Dad Cahill built a barricade in the hall late Christmas Eve. Originally started when the kids were young and would wander the house at all hours during that night, it has now become a cherished event and grows more complicated as the guys get older.
4:00 am finds Benj. knocking at our door summoning us to the challenge – can we get through without waking the parents?

We were faced with the blank side of a refrigerator box – on the other side were cardboard blocks, milk jugs and other stuff precariously piled, ready to make noise if we made one wrong move.

Daniel and Brian cautiously dismantled the barricade, piece by piece and handed them back to the rest of us who quietly stacked them to the side.

Unfortunately, the hall floor is really squeaky and we made a few wrong moves as we tried to break through and woke up dad who called out “ah, ah, ah, no peeking!” 

We did eventually disassemble the whole thing and make it out to the tree! Kevin tried to go back to bed but Benj. pulled him out for this picture.
The parents weren’t worried enough to actually get out of bed at such an hour, so we decided to return the  favor while they slept.

Too bad we didn’t think to block the other exits to their room.
Having accomplished all of that before 5:00am, and no one else was going to show their face for at least another two hours, we had nothing else to do but settle down and play some games.

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