This weekend – yesterday in fact – was our 1st anniversary!

 To celebrate, we made a little trip down towards my hometown for the weekend.
Our first stop was at a little Bed and Breakfast owned by a friend of mine, who had given us a free night there as a wedding present.
  After arriving, we went for a little walk in the pastures around the house which brought back many wonderful childhood memories for me.
 I then proceeded to cook dinner while Brian found wireless internet access (forever a computer geek )
Tell me, do I look fat in that picture?

We ate a scrumptious dinner of fried potatoes!
After dinner Brian got a special moment as we were talking together on the couch – tadpole started moving around and Brian got to feel his baby kick for the first time!
  We finished off our stay the next morning with a grand slam breakfast and a good game of cribbage.
We packed up and headed out to my parents house where we spent the rest of the weekend – pictures of that to come later.

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