Today was my first midwife appointment!
  We talked a little then signed a bunch of papers and answered a bunch of medical questions about ourselves and our relatives (history of heart problems, cancer etc.) When asked if anyone had mental disease Brian laughed and patted my head.
  Brian and I ran 4.5 miles this morning so my bood pressure was really good at 96/60. I have also gained 1 1/2 pounds so far! Everything is going according to the book and we got to hear the heartbeat again.

This afternoon was Bekah’s shower that I hosted with a friend of hers. We had it at a park and it was REALLY windy – but we got really clever with the table cloth and did fine.
  We had a short treasure/trivia hunt – I had Bekah’s little sisters hide the clues and throughout the whole hunt they would run ahead and show where the next clue was – it was cute.

Now I’m home with Brian, who worked very hard while I was gone and has another paper written for his college course. Now I get to go edit!

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