Well, I guess I should get one of those pregnancy tickers – the whole thing seems a lot more official in my mind now. I had my doctors appointment yesterday; they drew blood for testing, checked my general health, made sure I wasn’t smoking or drinking  and performed a few other not so pleasant procedures.
  Then came the fun part! He pulled out the Doppler, put it on my tummy and out came a heartbeat, loud a clear! I asked him how he knew it wasn’t my heartbeat so he moved it around a bit and picked up a slow swishing/thumping noise that was mine, then back to the fast almost galloping sound and said that was the baby’s heart. He counted it beating at 150 beats a minute!
  Dad (Cahill) brought the Doppler back to the house that evening so Mom and Uncle Benj. could listen too. It was just so cool to hear another heart beat inside of me. All the being sick and tired has seemed just that – being sick and tired. Having never experienced this before it was hard for me to relate it to actually being pregnant – I didn’t “feel” pregnant, I haven’t even gained any weight! However, I know that I can’t have two heartbeats so the incredible fact really hit home – I have another human inside of me! It just makes me want to cry it’s so unreal and…incredible! Thank you God!!!

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