An intruder discovered!

 I’ve been noticing some severe damage on my tomato plants and decided to investigate. I thought it looked like caterpillars and starting hunting around on the bush for them. They were caterpillars alright – big, nasty, green ones! I looked them up on the internet and it said they were tobacco hornworms – named so for the little horn on their hind end.

Here you can see a big one and on top there’s a little one – yes, this is a picture from just this afternoon! Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of them is to pick them off by hand I was warned by a website that they ooze green slime when disturbed so I grabbed a glove and a plastic sack. About 25 worms later, I finished the job; boy, Brian sure has to be gone at the worst times! I sure could have used a guy right about then!

In more cheerful news, the watermelon patch is amazing! Over 20 watermelons and new ones each day! I think one is close to getting ripe. Notice the striped melons? I guess one of our plants wasn’t what we thought I can hardly wait to taste them!!!!

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