Okay, a little explanation on my sudden trip! I went to Mt. Hermon, CA to visit my sister-in-law, Kim.

Kim works as a kitchen manager at Mt. Hermon, a Christian conference center settled on the side of a mountain in the middle of towering redwoods – gorgeous!
We walked every day (sometimes twice a day!) and I was awed by the scenery and wildlife. I saw a deer and her two fawns on one of our walks.

  One day we enjoyed the California sunshine in Santa Cruz (about ten minutes from Mt. Hermon). We walked along the beach and admired the natural bridge. I liked watching the Pelicans too. It was cold on the beach so we found a spot out of the wind and sat for a while – unfortunately, we didn’t realize just how hot the sun was until examining our sunburns that evening!

The next day we took a hike along the railroad tracks – again, stunning scenery. It really calms and soothes me to be out in the beautiful woods and weather. You could hear a stream in a gorge below for about half the walk.

And finally, here’s Kim and I just hanging out and eating good food. We had a good time and I’m glad Brian was able to give me up for that long.
*edit* I came back home to a clean house – I have such a wonderful, thoughtful husband! *end edit*

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