A prompting and a blessing.

  I had to run into Big Sandy today to go to the bank and post office. As I started out I was looking forward to listening to my CD as I drove, but I felt this prompting to turn it off and pray. So, reluctantly, I did – all the way there and between the bank and post office.
   While “in town” I thought I would get a dozen eggs because we’re out. As I drove I said, okay God, what do you want to tell me? Well, Dollar General didn’t have any eggs so I went to the little gas and grocery store across the way. As I walked through the produce section I noticed a sign saying they were out of cucumbers. To make a long story short, I offered mine and they were as glad to have them as I was to get rid of them! They even paid me and will want more later!!!
   I think God had me pray just to have me attentive so I would recognize the blessing when it came. It’s so neat to see Him work!

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