STEP has started.
  My first interaction with the girls came Sunday night with a little “fashion show”. This was an impromptu deal I got to head up in an effort to help the girls understand what their clothes can do to guys. I had the leaders find something in their wardrobe (or borrow from those who had more than one item) that could be worn immodestly. There are no pictures of this event due to death threats from those modeling and a seven day confiscation of any camera that had the audacity to appear.
  First thing this morning I ran all the girls through a P.T. test so I could get an idea of where we were with physical ability and what we need to work on.  I think running will be our big area of training.
 I get back to the house and find a message that I need to pick up the girls from the lake with the bus at 11:20. I worked several hours on my Nutrition power point (to be given tomorrow) and picked up the cameras (video and regular) from AV – these will be my charges for the duration of STEP.
  Yeah, I think I have enough to do.

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